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I opened the newspaper the other day
you know, one of those free ones
the ones not worth buying
and someone was telling me
that if I keep fighting
then I'm gonna succeed

they didn't say who I was supposed to fight
or what it was I was supposed to win
now that got me thinking
hey, no offence to rats
but you put two of them together in a sack
and they're gonna fight until one of them wins
do they know what they're fighting for?
survival? are we to become rats ourselves?

and who sits there, watching all this with a big grin
there's a big fat cat
licking the cream
living the dream

so, to the winner the price
and the loser cries
remember, for every winner
there's gonna be a loser
you'll find a lot of those
down the boozer
moaning about their luck
and how they're stuck in a rut

and everyone loves a winner
so we're led to believe
not from where I'm sitting
just look at who's on the podium
it's enough to make a man scream
those supposedly living the dream
emulate the good and the great
hey, I say, no thank you mate

a lot of us now seem to be living in an age of rage
is fear really the fuel that drives us?
and what's there to be scared of
that you're gonna slip down that greasy pole?
you might land on your feet
or will you sink in the mire

but enough of this boring introspection
it's depressing
doesn't get us anywhere
it's time for some words of wisdom
for what they're worth

this is the voice of t-dog calling
don't listen to those nitwits telling you to strive
for the things you don't need
shrug off the rain
let a smile be your umbrella

I'm happy

you're laughing

every little helps

on the stairway up


from Nunhead / ImHappyURLaughing, released July 30, 2016



all rights reserved



Joyfully exuberant clattering indie noise - often frenetic and break-neck, at other times wilfully discordant, menacingly meandering lo-fi post-punk. Said someone once.

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